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Competitor Capture | Customer Retention

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Our dealers report their average cost per delivery is between
​​​​​​​ $40 - $220 on our program

What is the Cost?

SalesFence SmartFunnels® are designed to keep your best offer in front of EVERY buyer in your market, that has expressed intent to buy, through their entire buying process.



That is the number of times a consumer
looks at their device per day.  People spend
​​​​​​​4 to 5 hours on their mobile device per day.

Sales Fence is Revolutionary!

Watch this short video to find out how and why it is urgent for you to schedule a
​​​​​​​15-minute live demonstration of our groundbreaking program as soon as you can.

The dealership or building has their entire location mapped, lot and showroom, accurate to within 5 feet. Each mobile device ID is captured and stored, to be sent your ads.

In market buyers are tracked back to your dealership… drawn in with a compelling offer from you. We track them from your competitor to you.

          This reflects the best ROI you will ever receive.


We Track Them to You

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Personalized landing pages with call to action, directions & phone number.

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Ads are delivered in apps, searches, or high profile sites that the consumer visits.  Each ad has shown to deliver a far higher click rate than standard, non-targeted ads.

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Director // 16 Dealership Auto Group

I've been around for 8 years and search for the latest technology and haven't seen anything like this.  I especially love that it's trackable.

There are alot of marketing tools we look at, but Sales Fence is by far the one we watch the closest.

GM Auto Group // 2 Dealerships

Customer Feedback

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GSM Auto Group // 3 Dealerships

This is incredible cutting edge technology.  I prefer to stay ahead of the masses and utilize competitor retargeting rather than be the one targeted.

It is incredible what Sales Fence can do.  The fact that this gives us trackable results, is by far the most powerful tool.

Dallas Auto Group

Real Customers. Real Results!

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Texas Auto Dealer

I believe in doubling down. I want all of the powerful marketing tools I can access and this is one of them.  Sales Fence ​​​​​​​brings an incredible amount of traffic through our doors every month.

Can we get signed up immediately?!

We need to retarget starting yesterday.

Director ​​​​​​​// 3 Location Auto Group

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Location Mapping

4 or more dealerships are targeted and uploaded

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Reports & Statistics

Easily access reports on activity online and delivered to you.

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Ad Delivery

Devices receive ads in apps, web searches, games, and more.

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Mobile Device Targeting

We have the mobile device ID for every buyer in your market.

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Direct Ad Targeting

Effectively edge out your competitors 24 hours a day!

Consumers spend an average of

​​​​​​​4 to 5 hours a day on their mobile device.

Today Consumers visit an average of

1.4 dealerships... and then they buy.

50% of car buyers, buy at the 1st dealership they visit, the rest buy at the 2nd dealership they visit.

Know Your Market Statistics

Toyota Dealership Case Study


Ad Impressions



Day Report


Ad Clicks


Dealership Visits

In-Depth Reporting

We supply deep-dive analytics so you know exactly what your results are. Our in-depth reports show exactly how many impressions are actually SEEN by your buyer, how many clicks you get, and most important…exactly how many highly qualified, high intent to purchase buyers, we send to your dealership every month.

  Get Exclusive Rights to Target your Competitors.                                          

  Protect your Dealership from being Targeted.                                                


A Minimum of 45 up to 175+ Buyers

in Your Showroom, or Your Money Back!

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Literally every mobile device in your PMA is targeted. Your ads show when they enter a competing dealership.


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You get only one, last chance to steal your competitors business once they visit their dealership.


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In-store visits, that are tracked and verified. You know exactly what your ROI is every month.


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Close your competitor's customers.

Save your existing customers.

Why Sales Fence?

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